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Kerala State Poultry Development Corporation


Scheme: Backyard Poultry Production in Kollam district Under Flag Ship Project 2007-2008

This project is intended for augmenting egg production in the state utilizing the geographical and agro-climatic conditions conducive for egg production in Kollam District. This Project envisages production by masses in a poultry village concept where selected 7 blocks in the District are clustered together for effective forward and backward linkages.

The 7 blocks selected for this purpose are,
Karunagappally Oachira Chavara Ithikkara
Mughathala Chittumala Sasthamkotta  


12 birds and 24 Kg feed will be distributed to each beneficiary. Veterinary aid worth 50/- and two day Training will be given to each beneficiary. Plan Assistance: 100 Lakhs Beneficiary contribution: Rs. 1662 (Cage Rs.1500, + Partial cost of chicks (Rs.100/-) and partial cost of feed Rs. 62/-)
Sl. No. Particulars Beneficiary (Rs) Plan (Rs) Total (Rs)
Ι Capital
1 Cost of night shelter to accommodate 12 birds @ 1.25 sq ft0per bird made of wood or weld mesh or locally available material @ Rs.50 per Sq ft.(15 sq fp x 100 = Rs1500) 1,500   1,500
2 Cost of 12 birds (45-60) layer pullets @ Rs.50/- 0(Rs.50 x 12=Rs.600) 100 500 600
3 Cost of feed for 12 birds (2kg per bird) @ Rs.13 per kg for 24 kg (Rs.13x24=312) 62 250 312
4 Veterinary aid @ Rs. 50per unit (De-worming, vaccination)   50 50
5 Training for the selected beneficiaries or SHG's for two days   100 100
6 Implementation expenses   100 100
  Total Expenses 1,662 1,000 2,662
ΙΙ Returns
1 Sale of eggs @ 175 eggs per bird / year (12*175=2100 eggs per year @ Rs.2 per egg)     5,250
2 Sale of spent birds (Rs. 30x1.5kg x 12 birds = Rs.540)     540
  Total Income     5,790
ΙΙΙ Profit Rs. 5,790 – Rs. 162   5,628

Note: The beneficiary contribution can be raised as loan from commercial banks for SHGs or own contribution from the individuals. The beneficiaries will have to remit the beneficiary contribution to get the benefits. The beneficiary has to fabricate the night shelter to accommodate 12 birds using locally available materials and need not remit the amount to the local body.

The 24kg of feed intended shall be distributed in two installments of two months apart, and the first installment along with the birds. This is to make the birds adapt to the feeding pattern under free range.

The egg will be marketed under the buy back scheme or the societies formed for this purpose and the average price of Rs.2.5 have been taken for calculation as backyard eggs attracts premium price in the market.

The feeding cost is negligible and hence not taken in to account for calculation The loan repayment if any can be monitored by the team leader of the SHGs in coordination with the marketing societies.

Total fund required will be Rs. 2,662 x 9,100 beneficiary 2,42,42,400
For organizing the marketing societies 50000x7 3,50,000
Contingencies and unforeseen expenses 5,50,000
Total 2,51,42,400
Total Plan Fund 1,00,00,000
Beneficiary Contribution 1,51,42,400
Note:- The savings in any item can be utilized for the short fall in other items.

It is proposed to produce 1.91 Crore eggs in the first year. Apart from this about 273 MT of poultry meat will also be produced at the end of 18 months. [1 .09 Lakhs birds x 2.5 kg average weight @ Rs. 35/- per kg]
The Total Financial Outcome Will Be As -

Eggs - Rs. 4.775 Crores
Meat - Rs. 95.15 Lakhs
Total = Rs. 5.725 Crores

Action Plan
Preliminary meeting with Heads of Local Bodies
Appointment of Programme Coordinators & Supervisors
Selection of Beneficiaries by Grama Panchayats
Identification of Egger Nurseries/Integrated Farms
Inauguration of the Scheme
Training to select beneficiaries
Formation of KEPCO Clubs and Societies
Distribution of inputs block wise
Vaccination and Health Covers to the Birds
Sale of Eggs locally
Remittance of amount in Society
Thrift loan / vocational training to KEPCO Club Members
Selling of excess eggs through Societies in Kollam market under KEPCO Banner
Remittance of amount for 2nd year birds by Societies
Disposal of Spent Birds
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