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Kerala State Poultry Development Corporation


The egg production is planned through backyard rearing system.
The hatching eggs of the parent stock maintained at the KSPDC will be used for producing day old chicks.
The Day old Chicks will be reared in egger nurseries of the Self Help Groups or farmer or private individuals, which are acting as a satellite farm of KSPDC.
The birds when they attain 45-60 days will be procured from the above farm and supplied to beneficiaries.
In case of shortage of birds, KSPDC will procure birds from reputed firms outside the state.
The eggs thus produced and procured will be marketed through the societies formed for the specific purpose at remunerative price to the producer.
The feed produced by Kerala State Poultry Development Corporation will be supplied for the scheme (the installed capacity for feed production is 16 Mt per shift). The feed ingredients will be purchased on annual rate contract for all the facilities.
Beneficiaries will be selected by the Panchayats.
The Panchayats and local bodies will be directed to distribute pullets to the women beneficiaries.
Project activity (Monitoring & Coordination)
This project activity will be entirely handled by the Corporation for proper and effective implementation. Required personnel will be provided on contract basis to Co-ordinate and Supervise the Programme during its implementation stage for its effectiveness in implementation within the time scheduled. The project will have a Programme Coordinator and supported by programme Supervisors for properly maintaining the accounts and other details.

The Programme Supervisors will be responsible for organizing the SHG’s and to guide in all areas. They will be supported by Voluntary Extension Workers at the grass root level selected from among the KEPCO Club Members for linking the beneficiaries with Supervisors / Coordinators. The Programme Supervisors will have good liaison with local Veterinary Surgeons for providing timely health cover and other technical guidance.

Organization of Societies
A KEPCO Club will be organized for every 20 beneficiaries and a Marketing Outlet is organized comprising 20 KEPCO Clubs and one Society in each Block. The Societies are formed as per Charitable Societies Act, 1955 and Organizing Body. All beneficiaries will be the members of the Society formed. Each Society will have 7 Governing Body Members including one President, Secretary and Treasurer. The organization of various activities will be managed by the Societies. The societies will also be responsible for the inspection of equipments, various assets provided to the beneficiaries, distribution of feed, birds, etc and co-ordination of all the Sales Outlet Units of the respective Block.
The activities of the Societies will be as below:
To guide and supervise the primary level societies.
The primary societies will have sub centers in the Panchayat for the purpose of egg collection, distribution of other inputs.
The eggs collected can be hatched using the proposed mini hatchery in the societies.
The chicks will be sold to the beneficiaries on cost from the second year onwards as replacement stock.
The egger nurseries or integration farms under KSPDC shall rear the chicks.
The egg marketing will be done by the society at block level.
Each member has to contribute Rs.10/- towards the membership fee. The cost of eggs sold by the beneficiary can be deposited in the society, which can be utilized as thrift loan to needy members. The amount can be utilized by KEPCO Clubs to take up other income generating activities. Since no subsidy is provided during 2nd year, the Society should remit the full cost of birds collected from beneficiaries to KSPDC.
Once the market and remunerative price is assured to the producers the growth of the segment can be assured, as the growth is market pulled.
The birds required to be distributed for the backyard poultry scheme is to be reared in 45 nurseries involving the SHGs and private entrepreneurs. The SHGs and individuals having shed to rear the birds will be supplied chicks and feed and will rear the birds under strict protocol of vaccination and health care and the birds will be procured and issued to the selected beneficiaries of the local body through the Veterinary institutions of the Panchayat.
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